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Semi-Automatic Water Level Controller

Semi-automatic water level controller has MANUAL ON and AUTO OFF function. It needs operator to switch ON the motor pump manually. Once the tank is full, the motor is switched OFF automatically.

MRP: INR 2,350 /Device

Price: MRP INR 1144/Device +18% GST = INR 1350 /Device

You Save: INR 1000/-

Installation Charges : INR 400/Device (Rs. 250 Technician Charge + Rs. 50 Cable Charge + Rs. 100 Cable Clip + MCL + Tape + Other Parts)



Wire & Cable Charges : INR 200 /Device (2 Pair)


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This Controller will start motor by pressing start button of the controller and it will automatically switch OFF Motor, when the tank is full. As shown in diagram below, out of 2 Sensors, one sensor put at Top level and second sensor put at Bottom level of the tank. User can start their motor any time by pressing start button of controller. When water reach to the top sensor, motor get switch off automatically.

Applications : Automatic water level controller is of much used in homes, hospital, industries. Use of this product saves water, saves electricity and save times. Helps in preventing overflow of water from the overhead tank.

  • Suitable for motor up to 5 HP
  • Load capacity 40 A
  • Power ON & OFF LED Indications provided
  • Motor ON & OFF Indication provided
  • Tank Empty and Tank Full indication provided
  • High quality ABS enclosure
  • compact Size

Supply Voltage : 220-280 VAC

Warranty : 1 Year Manufacture

Warranty Service : Replacement

Package Contains : 1 Water Level Controller Unit, 2 Sensors, 1 User Manual with all technical details, 1 Pack mounting screw



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